Watch: One Hour Ago, President Trump Posted This Incredible Video on Truth Social

I am listening to this video while I type this message to you, and I would be lying if I said I was not emotional and maybe even shedding a tear or two. Today, more, than ever, I am scared and sad for my country… I am shocked and stunned at what these globalist swamp rats are doing, even though I shouldn’t be. I should know what they’re capable of, yet, I keep finding myself surprised as they one-up themselves with dirty, divisive deeds. After what happened to President Trump yesterday, and the horrific raid and ransacking of his private home, all bets are now off. There is no reconciling with these people, there is no common ground. And it’s not just the Dems who are to blame. It’s the establishment GOP — they are just as much responsible for this as the Dems. They hate Trump as much or more and have been working to get rid of him since the day he took office.

They are our enemy. Do not donate another dime to the GOP or RNC. Not a dime. Only give to America First candidates directly.

There is a dark cloud hanging over this once-great country, and that’s why this video that President Trump posted an hour ago on Truth Social is so powerful, it’s so “right now” and meant for this moment, more so than anything he’s ever said. And that’s why as I listen to it while I type this message to you, I feel very emotional. I know that something drastically changed yesterday, I know it feels different now, and things will never be the same. They crossed a line, and we can’t go back… and that makes me sad, but I am resolved to do my part to bring this country back to where she needs to be. I’m ready to Make America Great Again because she has never been so broken down and defeated as she is right now.

And this video, these words, and this message is the starting point.


This was President Trump at his most honest and raw. He’s the only hope this country has. We can’t continue on this way. If you’re not in this fight right now, please, suit up, because we need everyone, all hands on deck, to fight for the soul of this nation.

It’s a “good vs evil” spiritual battle and the stakes have been raised to levels we never thought possible.

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