Taylor Lorenz Claims She’s ‘Being Silenced By Big Tech’ After Suspension By Trump’s Truth Social

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz claims that her account on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump’s Twitter alternative, has been suspended. 

Lorenz, who was widely criticized last week for revealing the identity and personal details of the Libs of TikTok Twitter account in an article for the Post, announced that she was being “silenced by big tech.” 

“I’m being silenced by big tech,” Lorenz claimed on Twitter sharing an image of an email purportedly from Truth Social telling her that her account had been suspended. She went on to say that she “didn’t do anything,” to get banned. 

Lorenz’s reference to being silenced by big tech could be facetious as Truth Social, which launched back in February, has had somewhat of a rocky start as some users have had to wait months before getting their accounts activated. 

Last Tuesday, Lorenz, formerly a reporter for The New York Times, published a piece for the Post revealing the name and other personal details of the woman who runs the Twitter account Libs of TikTok. The account is known for posting clips of leftist TikTok users or video from board meetings or other footage. 

On Sunday, Lorenz said on CNN’s Reliable Sources show that it was possible that the Libs of TikTok could have been a “foreign actor,” which is one reason why she said she needed to investigate the account’s owner.

“I think it’s rare to see an account gain so much prominence so quickly and be shaping these narratives in such an effective way, especially against trans people,” she said. “And I think it’s incredibly important, you know, as someone that covers the influencer industry to know who is exerting influence in this way. I mean, for all we knew, this could have been a foreign actor, right, or someone — we just didn’t know.”

She also told Brian Stelter that Lib of TikTok was “targeting” LGBT people.

“This woman is targeting LGBTQ folks. I mean, she brags about getting multiple teachers fired. You know, the entire goal of the account is direct hate to trans and LGBTQ people,” she claimed. “You know, she said that she doesn’t believe gay people who come out should be allowed to teach children.”

Libs of TikTok has posted videos of purported teachers discussing how they have talked about gender and sexual identity with students, as well as makings disparaging comments about students’ parents.

Truth Social was launched as a competitor to Twitter, which is itself undergoing a potential change in leadership as Tesla founder and billionaire Elon Musk has offered to buy the company in cash. 

The Daily Wire reported yesterday that Musk and the company were set to meet to discuss the potential buyout. Musk has said that he has secured the $46.5 billion needed to purchase the social media platform.

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